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Toi Tales - Phil’s Fables (for Ages 3 - 6)
Toi Tales - Phil’s Fables (for Ages 3 - 6)


Producer: Teatru Manoel
Admission Age: 3 - 6 years
Venue: Esplora - Kalkara
Price: €10 per person (adult or child) Ticket entitles ticket-holders to a full-day entrance to Esplora exhibitions & a live science show on the same date.


Sunday, 03 December 2017
3pm & 4.30pm
Sunday, 20 May 2018
3pm & 4.30pm



Please note that the Esplora Science Show times have changed.

Ticketholders for the 3pm Toi Toi show can attend the 4.30pm Science Show

Ticketholders for the 4.30pm Toi Toi show will need to arrive earlier to attend the 3pm Science Show

Duration: 40 mins

Are you ready to have some fun? Join the Toi Toi performers as they bring to life stories of adventure and fun characters using contemporary theatre techniques, audience interaction and music for a unique multi-sensory experience!


Phil’s Fables

Phil often feels funny. Especially when somebody asks him a simple question like ‘what did you do today?’ Before he can even begin to think of the events he had been through that day, Phil’s fantasy wakes up and in a split second swirls inside him swiftly making its way to his mouth, tickling his tongue, as he bursts out, through his tiny lips: ‘Today I went to the dentist and it was really strange because he always tells me to stay away from sweets, but when he gave me a cup of water to wash my mouth it tasted like strawberry milkshake! It was awfully hard for me to spit it out...’ This is just one of the many interesting answers to the very same question. This makes everybody wonder whether Phil’s stories are true or not. Well, we’ll only find out the answer to that question by asking him... Or rather, we’ll take a peek into his life and find out for ourselves!


Toi Toi at Esplora!

Through a collaboration between Toi Toi & Esplora, we are offering 24 performances throughout the season at Esplora. We invite you to visit the Science Centre & attend these performances specifically devised for this wonderful venue! Your ticket for the Toi Toi performance entitles you to a full-day entrance to Esplora exhibitions & a live science show on the same date.


Please note that Toi Toi events may be filmed and photographed for promotional purposes. If you do not wish to be recorded please notify the attendant when you first arrive.

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