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Cool in Summer, warm in Winter

Thanks to EU Funding the Theatre now has a fully functioning acclimatisation system. This is a fancier and much more sophisticated version of an airconditioning system in that it is specifically designed to keep the temperature in the auditorium comfortable whilst preserving the historic decorative woodwork.

This also means you won't need to sit in your coats during the cold months and you won't sweat in the hot ones.

Upcoming Events

International Spring Orchestra Festival - DEGENERATES
15 June 2021 - 19 June 2021
International Spring Orchestra Festival - DEGENERATES
  Tuesday 15th June 2021 at 7.45pm & 9.30p ...
02 July 2021 - 03 July 2021
Pjazza Pastizzi
Ready for a bite of Maltese culture? Introducing a far-off town call ...


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