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Toi Toi is Teatru Manoel’s Education Programme 

“Toi Toi” A phrase used to wish good luck to an artist, seconds before going on stage!

Life at the theatre is bustling with activity around Toi Toi which was originally launched in September 2011. Teatru Manoel has a deep commitment towards Arts Education and aspires to reach an ever-growing audience, to be enjoyed by all. Part of our mission is to also bring our younger audiences closer to the wonderful world of the Arts, inspiring them with events that cater specifically for children and young adults.

Rosetta Debattista Arts Education Consultant




Toi Toi 022: Concert for babies to two year olds

Imagine a concert which is totally tut-free...Toi Toi 022 are baby-friendly 40-minute concerts of popular classics specially created for babies, with their parents or carers. This is an extraordinary chance to experience high quality LIVE music with your little ones in an informal atmosphere with new material every month.

Toi Toi 325: Concert for three to five year olds

Clap, laugh and move around at Toi Toi 325! These dynamic, friendly 40-minute concerts of popular tunes and different styles of music are specially created for toddlers with their parents or carers. Come and join in the fun as we interact with live musicians!  There is always a lovely surprise, bringing it all to life in a different way each month!


Toi Toi 628 - The Story Tellers Concert for six to eight year olds

Do you remember the days before tablets, PSPs and game boxes? Wouldn't it be wonderful to share story-time with the whole family? Malta's most dynamic chamber ensemble, the Cosmos Wind Quintet, return to the Manoel Theatre with Toi Toi's 628 series "The Story Tellers!" Through composition and stories, they bring some of the greatest works of music and literature to life for your children! Learn the background behind works by Mussorgsky, Prokofiev, Debussy and other famous composers. Share these timeless compositions with your children and build "screen-free" memories! 


Behind the Scenes

The highly popular Behind the Scenes events capture all the fun, madness and spirit of theatre. Children learn the songs, meet the cast and watch in awe as all the delightful characters transform themselves through stage make-up, costumes...and a few other tricks.


Toi Toi Limited Editions 

Toi Toi Limited Editions are one-off opportunities where we meet internationally acclaimed artists. Past events have included harpsichordist extraordinaire Beatrice Martin, virtuoso viola-player Gerard Caussé, the all-female French string quartet Ardeo Quartet, classical guitarist Carlos Bonell, the critically acclaimed Gypsy Devils and the Leipzig Quartet.


Baroque Workshops for children

As part of the annual Valletta International Baroque Festival,  Toi Toi introduces different aspects of Baroque music aimed at the young. Past events have included a Treasure Hunt,a parody on Rameau’s opera, Hippolyte et Aricie performed by live singers, musicians and marionettes from the Centre de Musique Baroque de Versailles as well as other events with visiting and local baroque musicians.


Teatru Manoel Youth Theatre (TMYT)

TMYT is part of the Toi Toi education programme of Teatru Manoel, and was formed in 2012 with the aim of offering advanced training to young actors (between the ages of 16-25) intent on pursuing a career in theatre. 


Teatru Manoel Youth Opera (TMYO)

TMYO's primary purpose is to offer operatic experience to those who have a serious aim of pursuing careers in Opera performance and are at the start of their careers. TMYO acts as a semi-professional performing ground for singers aged between 18 and 35.


Future Events:

Toi Toi is planning projects such as Send a Song…for the Young at Heart, Toi Toi Travels and Tales as well further collaboration with Kreattiv.





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Il-Kappillan ta' Malta
25 July 2014 - 01 August 2014
Il-Kappillan ta' Malta
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Saturday, 10 January 2015
Baroque Festival - Nine Lamentations
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