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In-Nisa Maltin Jafu Kif
In-Nisa Maltin Jafu Kif


Producer: MTMC - Mario Philip Azzopardi
Recommended Age: 16 yrs & over
Venue: Teatru Manoel
Price: €25 – €20 – €15


Friday, 22 March 2013
Saturday, 23 March 2013
Sunday, 24 March 2013




Six Maltese women meet in a secluded decommissioned chapel in the middle of nowhere. What they are about to do is nothing that resembles a coffee morning. Clare Azzopardi’s new Maltese play is a tour de force that dares ask questions not asked in the halls of tradition and perceived propriety.

Written by Clare Azzopardi

Directed by Marcelle Teuma

CAST: Marta Vella, Magda Van Kullenburg, Maria Cutajar, Marilu Vella, Sharon Bezzina, Coryse Borg, Chris Degiorgio and Claudio Carta

50% off selected seats (usually second & third  price tickets) on a first-come first-served basis for

Young people under 25
Karta Anzjan holders

Senior citizens, student card holders & young people need to show relevant identification at the Booking Office in person.



The six characters in this phenomenal play, Six women, six Maltese women, know exactly what it means to be “female” in Malta today and are very eager to make you understand too, in case you don’t have an idea of what being a “Mara Maltija” is all about. The Six are different unique Maltese women, from different backgrounds with one common experience. They all gave birth on the same day and shared the same maternity ward. And now, one year later, they are having a reunion, a special reunion, a very strange and special reunion. The place: an abandoned chapel in the middle of nowhere. The purpose: well the purpose ain’t what one would think six respectable women would want to have a reunion about. It involves two male strippers, some strong sedatives, some pageant costumes….and a broken down confessional, to inspire their past, their present and their future angst to collide in a (probably) unplanned burst of hilarious, vengeful, suspenseful….gossip. Well, not exactly gossip, but something murderously close to it. The six Maltese women who enter that Chapel that fateful morning will be exiting from it totally changed. 

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